CtrlS to triple its data centre count to 25 by FY25

  • CtrlS Datacenters Ltd, Asia’s largest Rated-4 data centre provider, plans to triple its data centre count to around 25 by 2024-25.
  • The expansion includes adding 5 million square feet of space and over 600 MW capacity across various locations.
  • CtrlS aims to emerge as the largest Rated-4 data centre player worldwide, emphasizing reliability, security, and industry expertise.

CtrlS Datacenters Ltd, the largest Rated-4 data centre provider in Asia, aims to triple its data centre count to approximately 25 by 2024-25. The company plans to expand its footprint by an additional 5 million square feet from the current 1.2 million square feet.

CtrlS’ data centres

As part of its expansion, CtrlS is constructing a 2 million square feet Hyperscale Datacentre Park in Navi Mumbai, with another of similar size set for construction in Hyderabad.

Additionally, work has commenced on a one million square feet DC campus in Chennai. These projects will collectively add over 600 MW capacity to CtrlS’ portfolio.

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Altogether, we will add over 600 MW capacity in these locations and 5 million sq ft additional space. We are fully geared up to emerge as the world’s largest Rated-4 data centre player.

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman of CtrlS

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman of CtrlS, announced plans to expand the company’s data center capacity. The expansion includes adding over 600 MW capacity across multiple locations and 5 million square feet of additional space. CtrlS aims to become the world’s largest Rated-4 data center player.

In addition to these large DC Parks, CtrlS Datacenters is establishing a hyperscale data centre facility in Kolkata, a crucial gateway to the Northeast region.

About CtrlS

The company offers access to highly reliable and secure Rated 4 data centers across major Indian cities, providing businesses with a robust environment for storing and managing their data. With a focus on industry expertise, CtrlS empowers organizations to stay ahead in the digital landscape and ensure the protection of valuable information.


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