CITIC telecom: Pioneering connectivity for a global future

  • Global telecom giant with comprehensive services and innovative products.
  • Driving digital transformation and connectivity across Asia Pacific and beyond.

In the dynamic realm of Asia Pacific’s telecommunications and ICT services, CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited emerges as a trailblazing multinational player. Established in 1997 in Hong Kong and publicly listed in 2007, the company has undergone a remarkable evolution into an internet-oriented telecommunications enterprise with a resounding global presence.

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Diverse service offerings

CITIC Telecom’s expansive portfolio encompasses an array of international telecommunications services. From mobile international roaming to comprehensive offerings like international voice, messaging, data, and value-added telecommunications services, the company caters to a wide spectrum of clients, including mobile and fixed-line operators, virtual network operators, internet operators, and OTT operators. Its stature as one of the largest telecommunications hubs in the Asia Pacific region is underscored by its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions.

Innovative products and robust infrastructure

Setting itself apart with innovative products such as “DataMall” and the self-developed SIMN, CITIC Telecom showcases a dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Owning the impressive CITIC Telecom Tower and establishing state-of-the-art data centers in Hong Kong reinforce the company’s commitment to building and maintaining a robust technological infrastructure.

Subsidiaries spearheading transformation

CITIC Telecom’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Acclivis Technologies and Solutions Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Singapore, extends its influence to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Positioned as a leading IT services provider in the region, Acclivis serves as a trusted advisor for government and enterprise digital transformation projects. The subsidiary also boasts ownership of the esteemed internet service brand “Pacific Internet” in several Southeast Asian countries, further solidifying its regional impact.

Holistic ICT solutions

Under the umbrella of CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CPC), the group offers comprehensive ICT solutions to multinational and business enterprises. From private network solutions, EPL, SD-WAN, and internet access to cutting-edge services like cloud computing, information security, and cloud data centers, CPC stands as a trusted partner for leading enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region. Its foothold in the Mainland China market, through subsidiary China Enterprise ICT Solutions Limited, emphasizes its commitment to providing top-notch ICT services.

Dominance in Macau

With a commanding 99% equity interest in Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau, S.A.R.L. (CTM), CITIC Telecom asserts itself as a key player in Macau’s integrated telecommunications services. Serving as the principal smart city operator of “Digital Macau,” CTM plays a pivotal role in the ongoing development of the region, providing quality telecommunications and ICT services to residents, government, and enterprises.

Global recognition and reach

Guided by the core value of “Wisdom and Integrity for Fostering Prosperity,” CITIC Telecom has expanded its influence globally. With branch organizations in 22 countries, a workforce exceeding 2,500 employees, and a network connecting over 600 operators worldwide, the group serves over 3,000 MNCs and 40,000 local enterprises. The company’s commitment to quality and network security has earned it numerous accolades and commendations from various organizations.

Vision, mission, and strategic evolution

CITIC Telecom’s vision revolves around becoming an internet-oriented telecommunications company, facilitating global connections among people, things, and entities. Rooted in the Chinese mainland market, its mission focuses on customer orientation, market innovation, and providing sustainable returns to shareholders. The strategic evolution includes transitioning to emerging services, fortifying customer relationships, and expanding into new markets globally.

Connecting the Future: A Call to Collective ProgressAs a central figure in the telecommunications landscape, CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited embodies the essence of “CONNECTING . THE FUTURE.” Functioning as the DNA in the telecommunications enterprise and a cornerstone in the digital era, the company extends a resounding call and invitation to create a better future. Collaborating with customers, shareholders, partners, and employees, CITIC Telecom envisions a future where connectivity plays a pivotal role in transforming lives and unlocking doors to unparalleled possibilities. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and progress, CITIC Telecom is poised to continue shaping the future of the telecommunications industry.  


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