Video generative unicorn Runway is in talks to raise $450M

  • Runway has raised $450 million at a valuation of about $4 billion, and General Atlantic is in talks to lead the round.
  • The capital market has shown a clear willingness to support AI startups with potential.

Runway, reported last June, raises $141 million from investors including alphabet Inc’s Google and Nvidia Corp at a valuation of $1.5 billion.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Runway is in talks with investors, including private equity firm General Atlantic, to raise $450 million for the AI-powered video startup at a valuation of about $4 billion, the Information reports Tuesday.

General Atlantic is discussing whether to lead Runway’s funding round, a person involved in the deal says. Runway offers software that allows users to create new videos from text prompts or images.

In June, Runway announces on its website the upcoming launch of its new video generation model, Gen-3 Alpha, which can create highly detailed videos with complex scene changes, multiple movie styles, and detailed art direction.

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Why it’s important

Runway raises about $450 million in funding and is valued at about $4 billion. This shows investors’ confidence in its AI-driven video technology and business model.

Runway offers video generation software that allows users to create new videos from text prompts or images, an innovation that has great potential in the field of content creation.

Since OpenAI launches ChatGPT, corporate and investor interest in AI has increased significantly, reflecting the trend of capital markets seeking investment opportunities in new technologies and innovations, as well as the willingness to capital support AI startups with potential.


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