Trend micro unveils AI tools to safeguard data at Computex

  • Trend Micro’s new tools will run on Nvidia chips to detect intruders and protect data.
  • Businesses using AI systems for tasks like HR and customer service face increased hacking risks.
  • The focus is on preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information in AI prompts.

Trend Micro is set to unveil new cybersecurity tools at the Computex conference in Taiwan. These tools, designed to run on Nvidia’s chips, aim to detect intruders and ensure that only authorised individuals can access data.

Business risks

Many businesses are leveraging AI systems to assist with tasks such as answering human resources queries and supporting customer service agents. However, this often involves centralising data from across the organisation, making it a prime target for hackers. Trend Micro’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Simzer, highlighted the risk of hackers exploiting this “massive honeypot of information.”

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Focus areas

Beyond intrusion detection, Trend Micro is concentrating on safeguarding data fed into AI systems from unauthorised access. Modern chatbots, which often handle sensitive information through user interactions, are particularly vulnerable. Simzer emphasised the importance of monitoring AI prompts to prevent sensitive information from being exposed to unauthorised entities.

Technological advancements

Trend Micro’s tools utilise Nvidia’s advanced chip technology to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities. These tools not only detect intrusions but also monitor data integrity within AI systems. By leveraging Nvidia’s powerful processing capabilities, Trend Micro aims to provide real-time protection against sophisticated cyber threats.

The integration of these tools into AI systems ensures that data remains secure from the point of entry, through processing, and up to the point of output. This comprehensive approach is designed to pre-emptively identify and neutralise threats, providing a robust defence mechanism for businesses that rely heavily on AI technologies. The tools are also expected to incorporate machine learning algorithms to continuously improve their detection and protection capabilities, adapting to evolving cyber threats and ensuring long-term security for sensitive business data.


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