Switch 2 performance could match the PS4 Pro in docked mode

  • Tech YouTuber “Moore’s Law is Dead” suggests the rumoured successor to the Nintendo Switch may feature Samsung’s 8nm process and 12GB RAM, potentially matching the performance of the PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • While some believe Nintendo prioritizes gameplay over performance, “Moore’s Law is Dead” argues that Nintendo sets specific performance targets for each console cycle.
  • The Switch 2’s speculated docked mode performance could rival the PS4 Pro, while its handheld mode might surpass the Steam Deck in image quality and battery life despite slightly lower overall performance.

Famous tech YouTuber “Moore’s Law is Dead” revealed in his latest video that the long-rumoured successor to the Switch will adopt Samsung’s 8nm process and feature 12GB of RAM, with performance potentially on par with the PlayStation 4 Pro. He noted that many people mistakenly believe Nintendo doesn’t care about console performance, but that’s not the case, as Nintendo sets specific performance goals for each console cycle and is satisfied as long as they’re met.

Switch 2’s chip performance might struggle to match the Xbox Series S

Reports earlier suggested that the Switch 2’s chip performance might struggle to match the Xbox Series S. The latest video, “Moore’s Law is Dead” seemed to support this notion, suggesting that while the Switch 2’s performance might approach Microsoft’s entry-level console, the frame rate might be slightly lower. Comparing rumoured specifications, the Switch 2’s performance in docked mode might be similar to the PS4 Pro.

In terms of CPU, it’s expected to be on par with the previous generation’s Xbox One X. “Moore’s Law is Dead” stated, “The PS4 Pro is a good analogy to describe the Switch 2’s performance in docked mode,” adding that, “the PS4 Pro might be closer because, aside from the CPU, the Xbox Series S is limited by a reduced memory system, with little actual performance difference.”

Switch 2’s handheld mode will perform better than the Steam Deck

As for the Switch 2’s handheld mode performance, the YouTuber believes its image quality and battery life will surpass that of the Steam Deck, although overall performance may be slightly lower. He explained, “Even if they [Nintendo] cut costs in clock speed and cooling, I still think the Switch 2’s GPU performance will be 20-30% higher than the Steam Deck’s, but the CPU may be slightly weaker for gaming. So, if the Steam Deck can run games at 720p low quality at 40 frames per second, then the Switch 2 might run at 720p high quality with ray tracing enabled at 30 frames per second.”

Nintendo has not officially announced news of the Switch’s successor, but recent rumours suggest the platform may launch early next year. According to “Moore’s Law is Dead,” the Switch 2’s price may range from $399 to $499.


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