Renowned Director Stephen Chow Ventures into Web3+AI with OKX Collaboration

Renowned director Stephen Chow partners with OKX to explore Web3+AI projects, aiming to create an AI counterpart. New possibilities on the way. Read more.

Celebrated filmmaker Stephen Chow has announced his foray into the Web3+AI landscape, teaming up with OKX for potential groundbreaking projects. Chow expressed his gratitude for finding like-minded partners in the world of Web3 and revealed that his team is actively engaged in researching and developing Web3+AI initiatives. The ultimate goal? Creating an AI counterpart to represent the director himself.

The intrigue deepens as Chow’s INS post concludes with a direct mention of @OKX, hinting at an imminent partnership between the esteemed director and the prominent technology firm. Visual evidence accompanying the post showcased an ongoing virtual meeting between Chow and OKX, solidifying the notion of an in-depth collaboration between the two entities.

OKX Pours Support into Moonbox

OKX Ventures, known for its bold investment ventures, made waves in the tech startup sphere when it previously committed a generous $1 million to Hong Kong-based AI-driven company Moonbox. The investment aimed to support Moonbox’s innovative endeavors within the tech industry.

Notably, Moonbox achieved a significant milestone in July 2023 when they secured the rights to leverage Stephen Chow’s iconic film intellectual properties, such as “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons,” “Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back,” and “The Mermaid,” within the burgeoning NFT (Non-Fungible Token) domain.

Web3 and AI: Unlocking New Film Possibilities

With this new partnership, OKX Ventures is entering the convergence of Web3 and AI, aiming to unlock a realm of unprecedented possibilities. Stephen Chow’s creative vision, combined with OKX’s tech prowess, is expected to drive remarkable advancements in AI. As Web3 technologies continue to evolve, the collaboration’s potential impact extends across diverse industries.

As the news spreads like wildfire, the tech community eagerly anticipates further revelations on the specifics of their collaboration. The convergence of Web3 and AI could unlock innovative applications and solutions with far-reaching implications, revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.


Flavie Du

Flavie Du was a senior writer at BTW media focused on blockchain and fintech investment. She graduated from King’s College London.

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