PwC adopts ChatGPT enterprise for corporate AI solutions

  • PwC to deploy ChatGPT Enterprise, an AI chatbot, for large corporations.
  • The rollout will cover PwC’s 75,000 US employees and 26,000 UK employees.
  • OpenAI and PwC collaborate to integrate AI solutions into corporate tasks, part of PwC’s broader investment in generative AI technology.

PwC’s recent collaboration with OpenAI to deploy ChatGPT Enterprise marks a significant advancement in the integration of AI technologies within large corporations. This partnership underscores PwC’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to enhance operational efficiency and client services.

Deployment of ChatGPT enterprise

PwC has announced plans to deploy ChatGPT Enterprise, an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, within large corporations. This move aims to enhance efficiency and productivity across various tasks within these organizations.

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Scope of deployment

The rollout of ChatGPT Enterprise will encompass PwC’s extensive workforce, including 75,000 employees in the US and 26,000 in the UK. This widespread integration underscores PwC’s commitment to leveraging advanced AI technologies to streamline operations and improve client services.

Collaboration and investment

PwC’s collaboration with OpenAI represents a strategic effort to harness AI solutions for corporate use. This initiative aligns with PwC’s broader investment strategy in generative AI technology, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation in the business landscape.


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