OpenAI quietly updates its ‘core values’ to emphasize AGI development

OpenAI has silently revised its list of “core values” on its website to place a stronger emphasis on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI  has described AGI as “the equivalent of a median human that you could hire as a co-worker.”

OpenAI’s career page previously showcased six core values for its employees, which included Audacious, Thoughtful, Unpretentious, Impact-driven, Collaborative, and Growth-oriented.


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OpenAI remain reticent on the change 

Now, the same page displays five core values, with “AGI Focus” taking the top spot and the added assertion: “Anything that doesn’t help with that is out of scope.”

The other four values include Intense and scrappy, Scale, Make something people love, and Team spirit. OpenAI has not immediately responded to requests for comment on this change.

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AGI promising new potentials

The promise of AGI, capable of simulating human intelligence and applying it across a multitude of domains, becomes increasingly apparent. AGI finds extensive applications in fields such as healthcare, finance, and transportation.

It has the potential to offer businesses with more efficient and intelligent solutions. The market has witnessed the emergence of numerous AGI platforms and solution providers, intensifying the competition.

While challenges related to technology and privacy persist in the AGI market, the growing demand and maturation of the technology suggest significant opportunities for its development.

As OpenAI shifts its core values to prioritize AGI, the company’s strategic direction aligns with the broader industry trends towards harnessing the potential of AGI across various sectors. This modification underscores the critical role AGI is set to play in shaping the future of artificial intelligence.


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