ChatGPT now accessible without registration

  • On Monday, OpenAI announced that users can access the chatbot simply by visiting the ChatGPT website.
  • ChatGPT kicked off the GenAI boom at the end of 2022, which mimics human dialogue and performs tasks such as creating summaries for long texts, writing poems, and even providing ideas for theme parties.

OpenAI will start allowing users to access its free-to-use ChatGPT generative AI chatbot without needing to sign up for the service beginning Monday.

Access to ChatGPTs without requiring sign-up

The San Francisco-based company said it will roll out ChatGPT 3.5 to the public on an instant basis without having to sign in or register with the service. Using ChatGPT is now as easy as using a search engine like Google.

“It’s core to our mission to make tools like ChatGPT broadly available so that people can experience the benefits of AI,” OpenAI wrote in its announcement. “We’re rolling this out gradually, with the aim to make AI accessible to anyone curious about its capabilities.”

According to data analytics firm Similarweb, the popular service, which set a record for the fastest-growing user base, has seen its growth slow down since May 2023, when its traffic peaked at 1.8 billion web visits.

OpenAI said it has introduced additional content safeguards for users accessing ChatGPT without signing up, such as blocking prompts and generations in a wider range of categories.

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More features of ChatGPT

In addition to the free version of ChatGPT which does not have direct access to the Internet, OpenAI offers paid versions for individuals, team users, and businesses.

The company also said it may use user-provided content to help improve its large language model (LLM), but said users can turn off that feature.


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