Logitech unveils innovative MX Ink stylus for Meta Quest VR headsets

  • Launching in late September, priced from €120 ($130).
  • Designed for precision and versatility in mixed reality applications.

Logitech’s MX Ink stylus could revolutionise how we interact with VR and mixed reality, making it a must-have for creative professionals. Its precision, customisation options, and seamless integration with Meta Quest headsets set a new standard for virtual tools. This innovation doesn’t just enhance our interaction with technology—it expands the horizons of creativity, turning dreams into reality.
Dudu, BTW reporter

Logitech has partnered with Meta to introduce the MX Ink, the first mixed reality stylus for Meta Quest VR headsets. This new stylus aims to bring the familiar feel of a 2D stylus into the mixed reality realm, enhancing precision and user experience. The MX Ink is compatible with Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3, and seamlessly pairs with the Meta Quest app.

What happened

Logitech’s MX Ink features a pressure-sensitive tip that works across various physical surfaces, offering greater precision than the standard Quest controllers. With three controls on the front and a Meta button on top, it supports haptic feedback and can function as both a pen and a wand. Users can switch between the Quest controllers and the MX Ink without disrupting their workflow.

Logitech recommends pairing the stylus with the MX Mat, a low-friction 2D surface specifically designed for the Ink’s tip. This pad has a performance-tuned polycarbonate top surface and an anti-slip base made of 72 percent natural rubber.

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Why it’s important

The MX Ink is fully customisable through the Meta settings, allowing users to adjust tip pressure curves, choose hand orientation, and remap button functions. This level of customisation, combined with a seven-hour battery life and recharging options via the Inkwell charging dock or USB-C cable, positions the MX Ink as a versatile tool for creators and professionals in mixed reality.


The introduction of the MX Ink stylus signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of VR and mixed reality experiences. By enhancing precision and offering customisation, Logitech is addressing the needs of creators and professionals who require more than just basic controllers. The ability to seamlessly switch between traditional controllers and the MX Ink without interruption is a game-changer, potentially increasing productivity and creativity in virtual environments.

For enthusiasts of both technology and creative expression, the arrival of the MX Ink feels like a dream come true. Imagine the potential for artists to paint in 3D, for architects to sketch their visions directly into a virtual landscape, or for educators to create immersive learning environments with a flick of the wrist. This stylus isn’t just a tool; it’s an invitation to reimagine what’s possible in digital spaces.


Doris Du

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