Gupshup and Tonik Bank revamp banking with AI chatbot

  • Gupshup has partnered with Tonik Bank to introduce a cutting-edge Generative AI chatbot within Tonik’s mobile application.
  • Tonik Bank anticipates substantial cost savings from this initiative, estimating over USD 20 million in savings over the next three years.

Gupshup’s CEO, Beerud Sheth, underlined that their collaboration with Tonik Bank is symbolic of the future trajectory of banking and financial services. He pinpointed that in this novel era, generative AI is crucial in creating smooth, personalised, and efficient customer interactions. This technological advancement enables banks to redirect their efforts towards nurturing stronger ties with their clientele, cultivating loyalty and trust through superior service quality.
-Vicky Wu, BTW reporter

What happened

Gupshup, the global trailblazer in Conversation Cloud services, has forged a partnership with Tonik Bank, the pioneering digital-only neobank in the Philippines, to integrate a state-of-the-art Generative AI chatbot within Tonik’s mobile application. This alliance seeks to elevate customer experience by furnishing prompt and precise responses to routine banking queries, heralding a notable leap forward in digital banking engagement.

Fuelled by Gupshup’s advanced NLP and ML capabilities, the AI chatbot is engineered to emulate human-like dialogue, proffering tailored and contextually pertinent information to users. Since its incorporation, the chatbot has assumed responsibility for 90% of customer questions through the in-app messaging feature, autonomously addressing 75% of these queries, thereby magnifying the efficacy of Tonik’s customer service division by a factor of 4.3. This empowers the team to concentrate on intricate matters, bolstering customer contentment and assistance. Tonik Bank envisages considerable cost reductions from this venture, projecting savings in excess of $20 million over the subsequent three years.

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Why it’s important

According to Tonik Bank’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Sateesh Reddy, the integration of Gupshup’s ACE Large Language Model (LLM) technology has precipitated a veritable revolution. It has facilitated an unparalleled degree of automation in customer service, engendering markedly improved user experiences and fortified operational efficiency. Reddy extolled the technology for its capacity to comprehend and react to intricate customer queries with alacrity and precision, an accomplishment hitherto unachievable through conventional customer support avenues.

The success of amalgamating Gupshup’s AI innovations into Tonik Bank’s procedures constitutes a compelling case study. It demonstrates how AI can automate banal and iterative tasks, liberating human resources to confront more nuanced conundrums. This not only streamlines workflow but also augments overall customer gratification by guaranteeing expeditious and accurate responses to queries. The outcomes at Tonik Bank spotlight the potential for AI to reshape the topography of banking services, rendering them more accessible, reactive, and customer-focused than heretofore. This partnership epitomises the synergistic rapport between AI advancement and contemporary banking, delineating a trajectory towards a future where technology and personal interaction coalesce harmoniously to the mutual advantage of financial establishments and their clientele.


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