Google Search Integrates AI-Powered Grammar Checker

Google pushes AI grammar checker in Search. Discover how you can use it to take your search to the next level of grammar correctness.

Google Search Integrates AI-Powered Grammar Checker

Google has introduced a grammar checker to its Search feature, aiming to compete with platforms like Grammarly. This addition enhances the service’s capabilities by providing users with suggestions to refine the construction of their phrases and sentences.

Add Prompts to Trigger Grammar Check

The tool’s activation can be triggered by entering phrases such as “grammar check,” “check grammar,” or “grammar checker,” as noted by 9to5 Google. However, even without using these specific phrases, Search may still offer grammar suggestions in query results.

Upon detecting an error, including spelling mistakes, Google will not only rewrite the sentence. It will also indicate the alterations made. Users can easily copy the corrected version by hovering over it. Successful grammar usage is rewarded with a satisfying green tick, though not a coveted gold star.

100% Accuracy not a Guarantee

Leveraging artificial intelligence, the grammar checker’s accuracy is notably subject to context. It might falter when evaluating fragments or phrases rather than complete sentences. In cases where users perceive inaccuracies in suggestions or wish to confirm a correction’s validity, feedback can be submitted.

Presently, the tool supports only the English language. It’s important to note that Search policies govern its usage. It won’t assess grammar in content involving dangerous, harassing, medical, sexually explicit, terrorist-related, violent, or gory themes. Instances of profanity or vulgar language also remain unchecked.

Google’s history of providing grammar tools in Gmail and Google Drive aligns with this addition. Now, it has streamlined the editing process by incorporating it into the Search function. This saves users from navigating to other applications or resources. Moreover, users can expect to benefit from this tool without delving into comprehensive style guides.

Critical Challenges for the Grammar Checker

A potential challenge lies in users’ tendency to search with keywords rather than fully formed grammatically accurate sentences, such as “hard-boiled egg how long.” The AI must decipher whether users want their grammar reviewed, potentially impacting the visibility of relevant information in search results.

Furthermore, Google’s recent advancements include various AI-powered tools, such as the Search Generative Experience introduced in May. Concerns about the impact of AI on employment and misinformation, as well as its broader societal effects, accompany these advancements.

Although Google acknowledges that the grammar checker’s responses may not be infallible, the tool stands as a notable addition to its suite of AI-powered features. Its efficacy is somewhat compromised with partial phrases. Moreover, it is confined to the English language.

Utilising Google Search’s AI-Powered Grammar Check

To capitalise on this grammar check, users can enter a sentence or passage into the search bar and append the phrases “grammar check” or “check grammar.” This prompts the activation of the feature and results in issues being bolded and underlined.

A green tick indicates no issues, allowing users to copy the corrected version by hovering over it and selecting the Copy button.

Upon testing the feature, its performance was commendable in catching errors. However, with more intricate and lengthy sentences, its accuracy diminished.

The “feedback” option in the lower right corner permits users to offer input to Google, allowing for the reporting of incorrect or valuable suggestions.


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