Google releases Gemini in Android Studio to help with development

  • Google is rolling out Gemini for Android Studio Jellyfish in over 180 countries.
    • New Gemini bots have improved quality of bot responses in terms of code completion, debugging, finding relevant resources and writing documentation.

Google announced on 9 April that Android Studio’s bots will be upgraded to Gemini Pro. Users will be able to easily access Gemini API launch templates through Android Studio to add generative AI capabilities to their apps.

Upgrade the new model

Google introduced Studio Bot and Gemini in May 2023, both powered by the PaLM-2 foundation model. Gemini is now available in Android Studio Jellyfish in over 180 countries. Google also updated the base model for the Bard chatbot from PaLM-2 to Gemini Pro in February. Gemini lives in an integrated development environment, allowing developers to ask coding-related questions.

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Significant improvement in quality

Google has improved answer quality in code completions, debugging, resource discovery, and documentation writing. Users must log in and enable Gemini for privacy reasons, as the chatbot’s responses rely on developer conversation history and context.

According to the business, developers can quickly incorporate generative AI-powered features into their apps by using Android Studio to access the Gemini API beginning template.


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