Eastern Alliance and CLARA partner on AI-optimised insurance claims

  • Eastern Alliance Insurance Group has joined forces with CLARA Analytics to capitalise on artificial intelligence for refining the insurance claims procedure.
  • Through CLARA’s advanced solutions like CLARA Optics, Treatment, and Triage, Eastern Alliance expects to optimise its claims process, control medical costs, and boost operational efficiency.

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, a ProAssurance subsidiary, partnered with CLARA Analytics to integrate AI, aiming to refine claims procedures, control medical costs, and boost efficiency. Key CLARA solutions—Optics, Treatment, and Triage—will optimise claims management, enhancing outcomes for injured workers and saving costs. The collaboration promises mutual benefits, aligning with both firms’ missions to innovate and excel in claims handling.
–Vicky Wu, BTW reporter

What happened

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProAssurance Corporation, has joined forces with CLARA Analytics to capitalise on artificial intelligence for refining the insurance claims procedure. Driven by the imperative to address mounting medical costs and to streamline their claims management, Eastern Alliance intends to tap into the functionalities of CLARA Analytics’ CLARAty.AI platform. The objective is to enhance health outcomes for injured staff members, reinforce the precision of reserves, and ease the bureaucratic burden on claims adjusters.

By integrating CLARA’s advanced AI solutions, Eastern Alliance anticipates creating substantial value, reducing manual operations, and expediting the recuperation timeline for injured employees.

Renowned for furnishing workers’ compensation insurance services, Eastern Alliance aims to utilise CLARA Analytics’ all-encompassing platform to optimise their claims administration. CLARA’s claims intelligence system amalgamates predictive analytics with generative AI to provide a robust claims management solution. Its AI algorithms scrutinise a broad spectrum of data sources, including claims particulars, medical histories, and legal documentation, to proffer actionable tactics for cost containment and to forestall claim escalations.

Eastern Alliance is set to implement CLARA’s crucial offerings, such as CLARA Optics for augmented comprehension of medical records, CLARA Treatment to direct care through premier healthcare providers, and CLARA Triage to promptly identify high-severity claims during their nascent stages. These measures are oriented towards stemming the rise of medical expenditures and augmenting operational efficiency.

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Why it’s important

Kevin Shook, the President of Eastern Alliance, remarked, “CLARA’s capability to deliver a return on investment through their AI platform truly distinguishes them from the competition. We anticipate marked enhancements in operational efficiency and diminutions in losses, which will generate substantial value and alleviate the manual workload for our claims professionals. In the final analysis, this could lead to savings for both us and our policyholders, and aid injured workers in returning to good health and productivity more swiftly. This potential makes our partnership a mutually advantageous arrangement for all parties involved.”

Heather H. Wilson, the CEO of CLARA Analytics, shared her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are profoundly honoured that Eastern Alliance has selected CLARA as their preferred claims intelligence platform. This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission to revolutionise claims management. We keenly anticipate supporting Eastern Alliance in their commitment to excellence, assisting them in delivering superior care to injured workers, streamlining operations for their claims department, and ultimately attaining better outcomes for all stakeholders involved in the claims process.”


Vicky Wu

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