Dells unveils AI-enabled PCs, Nvidia-compatible servers

  • Dell unveils AI PCs with Qualcomm chips and a server compatible with Nvidia’s advanced chips.
  • AI-capable PCs will incorporate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series chips, equipped with neural processing units specifically designed for handling complex AI tasks.
  • Dell has launched new servers with Nvidia’s Blackwell chips and advanced liquid cooling, offering more power efficiency than standard air cooling.

Dell Technologies has announced a new lineup of AI-enabled PCs featuring Qualcomm processors, along with an advanced server compatible with Nvidia’s latest chips in Las Vegas on Monday, aimed at bolstering Dell’s position in the competitive AI server market and anticipating a rebound in PC sales following a downturn in post-pandemic demand.

AI-enabled PCs with Qualcomm processors

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Dell’s new range of AI-enabled PCs will incorporate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series chips, which are equipped with neural processing units specifically designed for handling complex AI tasks. Two of these five new PCs are available for pre-order starting today, with the remaining models set to be released in the coming months.

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The launch coincides with Microsoft’s annual Build event, where CEO Satya Nadella unveiled the “Copilot+” PCs. These AI-enhanced devices are being developed in collaboration with partners such as Dell, Qualcomm, Intel, and Advanced Micro Device. Following the announcements, Qualcomm’s stock rose nearly 2% to reach a record high, while Dell’s shares saw a slight decline of about 2.6%.

New AI servers with Nvidia chips

In addition to the AI PCs, Dell introduced the latest in its series of servers that support Nvidia’s Blackwell chips. These new servers feature advanced liquid cooling technology, which is more power-efficient compared to traditional air cooling methods. According to Arthur Lewis, president of Dell’s infrastructure solutions group, these Nvidia-based servers have become the fastest-ramping product in Dell’s history.

Research from International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that spending on AI servers will exceed $33 billion in 2024. Lewis mentioned that a substantial portion of this expenditure will come from smaller companies that are beginning to adopt AI technologies. Despite the surge in AI server investments, Dell does not foresee a significant impact on traditional server spending.

Future projections

The broader market for traditional servers has seen fluctuating demand as businesses increasingly focus on AI capabilities. However, Dell remains optimistic about the growing interest in both AI PCs and AI servers, which is expected to drive demand for its products.

Dell is scheduled to report its quarterly earnings on May 30, with analysts predicting that the new AI-enabled PCs and servers will contribute positively to the company’s performance.


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