Can we fully trust Intel’s report at the end of 2023?

  • This year, the first ML Insider survey on the development of AI maturity since 2021.
  • Despite the hype, more than half of respondents believe generative AI is only moderately, slightly, or not at all important to their organization’s future AI strategy.

In a speech at Northwestern University, AI expert Kai-Fu Lee championed AI technology and its upcoming impact, while also pointing out its side effects and limitations.

“The bottom 90 per cent, especially the bottom 50 per cent by income and education, will be badly hurt by job losses… Sorting things, washing dishes, picking fruit and answering customer service calls – these are all very stylized tasks that are repetitive and routine in nature. In 5, 10 or 15 years’ time, they will be replaced by AI.”

Kai-Fu Lee

This is an annual report that aims to show people how to use and generate AI and the latest trends. In my opinion, this report is definitely supported by the data, but the sample size may not be large enough to draw some conclusions. For example, 28 percent of respondents are data scientists and 23 percent are engineers. Intel surveyed 430 AI and machine learning practitioners, which may not be nearly enough even if this group has a strong relevance to the topic, we still can’t ignore the general public. Because technology has really changed the lives of ordinary people to a large extent.

Key takeaways and trends from this survey

Despite the hype, more than half of respondents found Generative AI to be only moderately, slightly or not important at all to their organizations future AI strategy

10% of organizations launched GenAI solutions to production in 2023

Nearly half of AI professionals see infrastructure as the largest barrier to productionizing LLMs.

8 out of 10 respondents admit their skills need to improve due to the increased interest in LLM adoption

Chatbots and translation/text generation AI use cases are on the rise

AI integration remains low as this continues to be a difficult area to execute

62% of AI professionals continue to say it is difficult to execute a successful AI project

What is ML Insider?

The machine learning industry is growing rapidly, with new breakthroughs being made every day. The ML Insider Survey is an annual report that reveals the biggest challenges and latest trends in tools and strategies for building successful AI and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) use cases. cnvrg. io, a company of Intel, surveyed 430 AI and ML practitioners to get the full story behind the development of ML and GenAI in the enterprise.

This year, the survey reveals how AI practitioners view GenAI technology, common development challenges, and tracks how AI maturity has evolved since the first ML Insider survey in 2021.

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