5 things you can do with VBScript

  • VBScript remains a versatile and powerful scripting language for automating tasks within the Windows ecosystem.
  • Its ability to manage files, configure system settings, automate Office applications, handle web development tasks, and perform maintenance makes it an invaluable tool for IT professionals.
  • VBScript’s simplicity and deep integration with Windows ensure it continues to be a useful asset in many scenarios.

VBScript, or Visual Basic Scripting Edition, has been a cornerstone in the automation landscape for over two decades. Despite the emergence of newer scripting languages, VBScript remains a powerful tool for many professionals, particularly those working within Windows environments. Here are five key things you can do with VBScript.

1. Automate routine tasks

One of the primary uses of VBScript is to automate repetitive tasks. System administrators and IT professionals often rely on VBScript to streamline operations and manage Windows environments efficiently. This includes tasks such as copying, moving, deleting, and renaming files, as well as running scheduled scripts to perform these actions at specified times. Automating these tasks saves time and reduces the risk of human error, allowing administrators to focus on more complex issues.

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2. Manage Windows system settings

VBScript is a valuable tool for configuring and managing system settings in Windows environments. It can be used to modify registry settings, configure network parameters, manage user accounts, and adjust system policies. These capabilities are particularly useful in large enterprise environments where consistent configuration across multiple machines is critical. By using VBScript to manage these settings, administrators can ensure a standardised setup and streamline the deployment process.

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3. Interact with Microsoft Office applications

VBScript integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, enabling the automation of tasks across Excel, Word, Outlook, and other Office applications. This capability is incredibly useful for generating reports, sending automated emails, or manipulating spreadsheets. By automating these tasks, businesses can enhance productivity, ensure consistency in data handling, and reduce the time spent on routine operations. This integration allows for the creation of complex, automated workflows that span multiple Office applications.

4. Web development and ASP

Although its use in client-side web scripting has diminished, VBScript remains relevant in legacy web applications, particularly those built with Active Server Pages (ASP). In this context, VBScript handles server-side logic, interacts with databases, and generates dynamic content. Its continued use in legacy systems means that it is still an important tool for maintaining and updating older web applications. VBScript’s ability to interact with databases and generate web content on the server side ensures that it remains a viable option for maintaining these applications.

5. Enhance security and perform maintenance

VBScript can be employed for various security tasks and system maintenance activities. It can be used to check for updates, manage antivirus software, monitor system health, and perform regular maintenance tasks such as deleting temporary files and freeing up disk space. By automating these tasks, administrators can ensure that systems remain secure and perform optimally. Regular maintenance scripts can help identify potential issues before they become critical, contributing to overall system stability and security.


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