Verizon and AT&T collaborate on low band spectrum for satellite coverage

  • AST Spacemobile to leverage shared 850 MHz spectrum for expansive satellite coverage.
  • Partnership accelerates plans for comprehensive wireless connectivity across North America.

Beyond the immediate impact on connectivity, this partnership sets a precedent for future industry collaborations that harness technological convergence. As telecommunications continue to evolve, partnerships like this one will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of global communications infrastructure. Regulatory scrutiny will be essential to ensure that these advancements benefit all stakeholders fairly and sustainably.
Doris Du, BTW reporter

In a strategic move towards achieving 100% wireless coverage across North America, AST SpaceMobile CEO Abel Avellan has announced a groundbreaking collaboration between Verizon and AT&T. This partnership involves sharing low-band 850 MHz spectrum to bolster AST’s innovative space-based cellular broadband network, designed for seamless connectivity using standard smartphones.

What happened

AST SpaceMobile, known for pioneering the world’s first space-based cellular broadband network, has secured Verizon alongside AT&T as strategic partners. This alliance aims to utilize the premium 850 MHz spectrum, renowned for its superior signal penetration in cellular communications. By integrating portions of AT&T’s and Verizon’s 850 MHz spectrum without impacting their existing terrestrial networks, AST aims to achieve nationwide satellite coverage.

Why it’s important

This collaboration marks a significant leap in bridging digital divides across rural and underserved communities. By leveraging space-based technology alongside established terrestrial networks, AST SpaceMobile is poised to revolutionize connectivity access. This move not only promises unprecedented broadband access but also underscores the importance of collective innovation in overcoming connectivity challenges worldwide.

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Personal opinion

The partnership between Verizon, AT&T, and AST SpaceMobile underscores the transformative potential of collaborative solutions in advancing global connectivity. By integrating space-based and terrestrial technologies, this initiative not only expands network reach but also promotes inclusivity in the digital age. It addresses critical connectivity gaps with innovative solutions that benefit communities worldwide.

While the collaboration between Verizon, AT&T, and AST SpaceMobile promises enhanced connectivity, it also raises concerns about monopolistic practices and the potential exclusion of smaller telecom players. The consolidation of spectrum resources among major carriers could limit competition and innovation in the telecommunications sector, impacting consumer choice and market dynamics. It is crucial for regulatory bodies to monitor these developments closely to ensure fair market practices and equitable access to technological advancements.


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