AI image generator: Leonardo AI

  • Leonardo AI is a free image creation tool that uses generative AI to create images on demand.
  • According to the company website, users retain ownership of all inputs entered into Leonardo AI and all outputs generated.

Leonardo AI is a powerful AI-powered tool that allows you to create stunning visuals with just a few clicks. Whether users are a professional designer, a content creator, or simply someone looking to add some visual flair to their projects, Leonardo AI has them covered.

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What is Leonardo AI?

The simple definition of Leonardo AI is that of an “AI art generator.” It allows users to create many images at once and adjust their size and quality. As part of this focus, it offers users a diverse range of image creation and editing capabilities.

The solution enables users to change the dimensions and resolution of output images and can also be used to create multiple digital images in the same style.

According to the company website, users retain ownership of all inputs entered into Leonardo AI and all outputs generated. Images created with the platform can also be used for commercial purposes. The platform is available for free via the official website or through the Leonardo AI app for iOS.

How does one register for Leonardo AI?

Registering for Leonardo AI is a straightforward process. Users can utilise their Apple, Google, or Microsoft account, or simply input their email for registration. If registering with email, users will need to provide a password that complies with the specified criteria; otherwise, successful registration may be hindered. Upon initial login, filling out a form to answer questions is required before accessing the main interface.

Introduction to the interface of Leonardo AI

On the main page, users will encounter available tools and recent images from other creators. On the left-hand side, from top to bottom, the options include the remaining tokens, “Start here,” “User Tools,” “API Access,” “Settings,” and “Frequently Asked Questions.” Below, brief explanations will be provided for each of these options.

  • The Community feed showcases publicly generated images by users, offering selections based on popularity, recency, highest likes, or various other types.
  • Personal feed: images generated by users, followed by users, and saved by them.
  • Personal feed training model: free users are granted only one training session, while subsequent sessions require payment to access the training model.
  • Fine-tune models: Leonardo’s repository of models, comprising official trained models, user-trained models, self-trained models, and their favorite models.
  • AI image generation: tools utilising artificial intelligence for image creation.
  • Real-time canvas: utilise users artistic prowess to generate images.
  • Canvas editor: images generated and edited with canva
  • 3D texture generation: This feature enables the creation of three-dimensional images. Simply upload a 3D file using the “Upload New Object” button located in the top right corner. Users can browse for free 3D files within Free3D, although it’s important to note that only files in OBJ format are supported.
  • API access: If there is a need for API integration, it can be found on this page.

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