Top tech news stories today: June 21, 2024


1. Gemini launches campaign finance initiative for pro-crypto candidates

Gemini Exchange launches a campaign finance project to back pro-crypto candidates before the U.S. Presidential election. This follows substantial donations to former President Trump’s campaign by the Winklevoss twins, highlighting increased political involvement from the crypto industry amid regulatory scrutiny and political debates. (Cointelegraph)

2. US CFTC probing Jump Trading’s involvement in crypto, Fortune reports

The CFTC is investigating Jump Trading’s crypto activities, though this doesn’t imply wrongdoing or pending charges. Jump has long been active in crypto and blockchain research. (Yahoo!Finance)

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3. Silicon Box to pick Piedmont for $3.4 bln Italian chip plant, sources say

Singapore-based Silicon Box plans a $3.4 billion chip factory in Novara, Italy, focusing on advanced chiplet packaging. This government-backed investment aims to generate 1,600 direct jobs and enhance Italy’s tech industry appeal. (Yahoo!Finance)

4. Car dealerships hit with massive computer system outage

CDK Global, serving nearly 15,000 North American car dealerships, is experiencing a multi-day outage due to a cyberattack. The disruption has forced dealerships to revert to manual processes. (The Verge)

5. YouTube is cancelling Premium subscriptions bought using spoofed locations

YouTube is canceling subscriptions of users who used VPNs to obtain cheaper Premium rates in other countries, like paying $1.05 in Argentina instead of $13.99 in the US. (The Verge)


6. Oracle to invest over $1 bln on AI, cloud computing in Spain

Oracle will invest over $1 billion in AI and cloud computing in Spain over the next decade. This includes establishing a new cloud region in Madrid, their third in the city, in partnership with Telefonica España. (Reuters)

7. Anthropic launches newest AI model, three months after its last

Anthropic’s new AI model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, excels in text and image analysis, outperforming its predecessors and OpenAI’s GPT-4o on some benchmarks. It features faster response times and improved understanding of complex instructions. (Tech Crunch)

8. Amazon extends generative AI-powered product listings to Europe

Amazon has expanded its generative AI-powered product listing tools to sellers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K. This technology, previously limited to the U.S., helps sellers generate and enrich product descriptions, titles, and details, enhancing listing efficiency. (Tech Crunch)


9. Boeing crash families demand record $25bn fine

Families of victims from the two Boeing 737 Max crashes have demanded prosecutions and a $24.8 billion fine, calling it “the deadliest corporate crime in US history.” Lawyer Paul Cassell cited Boeing’s CEO’s Congressional apology and the company’s admitted faults, urging the US government to prosecute those responsible. (BBC)

10. New York bans ‘addictive feeds’ for teens

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed two bills aimed at safeguarding children from social media harms, including requiring parental consent for addictive algorithmic feeds and restricting data collection on minors. (The Verge)


11. Microsoft’s embarrassing Recall

Microsoft’s Recall feature faced a setback as engineers rushed to secure it before its scheduled launch on June 18. Following concerns, Recall has been recalled from new Copilot Plus PCs. (The Verge)

12. 3 new features in Android 15 beta 3: Tweaks to wallpaper, timeout, and browsing

Android 15’s third beta introduced modest interface tweaks alongside notable new features. Pixel Fold users now benefit from a revamped wallpaper editor that allows simultaneous previews on both screens. (Mashable)

13. iOS 18: How to lock and hide your iPhone apps

iOS 18’s standout feature announced at WWDC 2024 allows users to lock and hide apps, leveraging Face ID for added security. This update caters to privacy concerns, prompting a surge in online queries about hiding apps. (Mashable)


14. Xreal’s new AR glass companion brings Android apps to life in 3D

Xreal introduced the Beam Pro, an enhanced version of its AR device, at the Augmented World Expo. Priced at $200, it transforms Google Play Store apps into 3D experiences with Xreal’s AR glasses. (Yahoo!Tech)

15. Logitech intros the $130 MX Ink stylus for Meta Quest VR headsets

Logitech and Meta have launched the MX Ink, a mixed reality stylus for Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3. Offering high precision and customisable features, the stylus pairs via the Meta Quest app and includes haptic feedback. (Techspot)


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