Top tech news stories today: June 12, 2024

Affirm integrates BNPL loans into Apple Pay. FIT 21 Act categorises crypto projects. Apple unveils new AI features, boosting shares. ARIN seeks nominations. Oracle predicts revenue growth from AI. Apple announces macOS Sequoia.


1. Affirm buy now, pay later loans will be embedded into Apple Pay later this year

Apple device users will soon access buy now, pay later (BNPL) loans from Affirm through Apple Pay on iPhones and iPads. Affirm’s longer-term offerings complement Apple’s shorter repayment options, indicating Affirm’s unique value. (CNBC)


2. Crypto bill has potential to shake up $2.6 trillion industry

The $2.6 trillion crypto industry is impacted by the FIT 21 Act, which categorises projects by decentralisation level for regulatory purposes. John Divine of Blockfills highlighted Tezos, noting its decentralised structure, $230 million initial coin offering, diverse validators, and the Etherlink layer-two solution for Ethereum. (The Street)

3. Australian MP says the country needs blockchain ‘more than ever’

Blockchain technology could potentially add $60 billion to Australia’s economy, reversing decades of slow productivity growth, according to Australian politician Andrew Charlton. (Cointelegraph)

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4. Nominations now open for the ARIN Board of Trustees, ARIN Advisory Council, and NRO Number Council

ARIN is accepting nominations 24 June for three Board of Trustees seats, five Advisory Council seats, and one NRO NC seat. Elected candidates will serve three-year terms starting 1 January 2025. (ARIN)

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5. Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI

Elon Musk dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI, which he co-founded and now competes against. Musk’s lawyers filed the motion without giving a reason. Musk originally sued in March, alleging OpenAI breached its commitment to benefit humanity. (The Washington Post)

6. Accenture names insider Angie Park as new CFO

Accenture announced that Angie Park will become CFO on Dec 1, replacing KC McClure. Park, a nearly 30-year Accenture veteran, previously served as CFO for Technology Services and Investor Relations. (The Edge)

7. NASA rover gets blasted by solar storm on Mars, captures footage

Mars experienced a recent surge of radiation from the sun due to the peak of its 11-year solar cycle. Solar storms and flares have intensified, culminating in a strong solar flare and a coronal mass ejection reaching the Red Planet. (Mashable)


8. Oracle expects double-digit revenue growth for fiscal 2025 on strong AI demand

Oracle forecasted double-digit revenue growth for fiscal 2025, driven by strong demand for its AI-powered cloud services, boosting shares by 9%. CEO Safra Catz highlighted over $12.5 billion in AI sales contracts in Q4. (Yahoo!Finance)

9. Google to test anti-theft AI feature for phones in Brazil

Google chose Brazil to test a new AI system that blocks stolen Android phones. Features include hiding apps behind a PIN, automatic screen blocking during theft, and remote data access blocking via phone number. (

10. Apple hits record as AI features promise boost in iPhone sales

Apple shares surged over 7% to a record high on Tuesday, nearly reclaiming the title of the world’s most valuable company from Microsoft. The rally followed Apple’s unveiling of new AI features for iPhones. (Channel News Asia)

11. Turkish student arrested for using AI to cheat in university exam

Turkish authorities arrested a student for cheating on a university entrance exam using a makeshift device linked to AI software. The student was detected behaving suspiciously during the exam and was detained, along with an accomplice. (U.S.News)

12. Italy AI unicorn iGenius targets 650 mln euros in funding round

Italian startup iGenius aims to raise €650 million ($698.56 million) for its generative AI in finance and public sectors. Founded in 2016, iGenius competes with Mistral and DeepL in Europe’s AI sector. (Reuters)

13. All the top new features coming to MacOS Sequoia

Apple has unveiled macOS Sequoia, or macOS 15, featuring a host of new capabilities, including iPhone mirroring, Safari updates, window tiling, video conferencing tools, and a new passwords app. (WIRED)

14. Apple says its AI sets a ‘New Standard’ for privacy and invites security experts to test it

Apple is introducing “Apple Intelligence,” a suite of generative AI features, in its upcoming operating systems. This includes enhanced writing tools, personalised emojis, and improved Siri interactions. Apple emphasises privacy, promising to use data only for user requests and never storing it. (CNET)


15. ARX raises €9M to fill NATO’s robotics gap

ARX Robotics, a European DefenceTech company, has closed a €9 million seed funding round, the largest to date in the sector. The funding will support scaling production and expanding capabilities. (IoT News


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