MAXST AR SDK 6.0 Released with Improved Tracker Performance 

This week, South Korean AR platform MAXST announced that its AR application development tool MAXST AR SDK 6.0 has been updated to MAXST AR SDK 6.1.0. The update brings significant enhancements to the recognition performance of its trackers, offers a more immersive and realistic augmented reality experience, and expanded support for efficient development.


The company was founded in October 2010 to develop basic AR technologies. Starting in 2019, the basic AR technology will be applied to manufacturing sites such as semiconductors, automobiles, and shipbuilding to provide industrial augmented reality solutions. Based on the accumulated AR and XR technologies, the company is committed to the research and development of the meta-bus platform, and launched the open beta version of the XR meta-bus integrated platform “MAXVERSE” in November 2022.

MAXST AR SDK 6.1.0. Updated content

Specifically, for AR games, the update provides more accurate character and object recognition, resulting in a more realistic gaming experience. For AR education, the update improves the recognition of multiple images and 3D models, enriching the learning experience.

When it comes to AR shopping, the update improves the shopping experience by identifying a wide range of products. The benefits extend to AR travel: the update enricues the travel experience by identifying various travel destinations. In addition, the application of the updated development tools in the industrial environment has also been substantially improved.

New Map Packaging Capabilities

At the same time, MAXST AR SDK 6.1.0 also introduces map packaging capabilities, designed to significantly expand the number of targets that can be loaded on a single device. With this update, the capacity to load 2D image objects has been increased from 50 to 1,000, 3D object objects from 3 to 25, and the update also allows up to 5 object Spaces to be identified and tracked in a single application.


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