Vantage Data Centres secures $9.2B equity investment

  • Vantage Data Centres completes $9.2 billion equity investment led by DigitalBridge and Silver Lake.
  • The investment aims to support global hyperscalers in meeting increasing demand for cloud and AI services.

The requirements of data centres grew as the number of data skyrocketed. While enjoying the convenience brought by these centres, many users are concerned about their environmental impacts, especially that of water resources. Such concerns are justified as many conventional data centres consume hundreds of thousands of gallons of water yearly. Take Google as an example, 5.6 billion gallons of water are consumed by its data centres and offices. Globally, 6.6 billion cubic meters (about 1.7 trillion gallons of water), which is about the volume of WA’s yearly water consumption, may be used for mere AI demands, according to CCTV. Vantage Data Centres, however, use air-cooled chillers feature a closed-loop system that needs no ongoing water source. And the $9.2 billion equity investment will continue to provide financial support for such an environmental-friendly practice.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Recently, Vantage Data Centres has secured a landmark $9.2 billion equity investment, mainly led by DigitalBridge and Silver Lake.

Vantage Data Centres’ $9.2 billion equity investment

Vantage Data Centres secured a landmark $9.2 billion equity investment, primarily led by DigitalBridge and Silver Lake. This investment marks a $2.8 billion upsize from the initial capital raise to support global hyperscalers in addressing the growing demand for cloud and AI services. The capital raise attracted significant interest from various global investors, resulting in a total of $9.2 billion. Combined with a previous €1.5 billion ($1.61 billion) investment by Australian Super, the total investment in Vantage over nine months totals around $11 billion. The majority of the investment, over $7 billion, is primary equity aimed at fuelling Vantage’s expansion across North America and EMEA. With ownership or control of more than 25 sites in these regions and an expected capacity of over three gigawatts, Vantage is poised for significant growth, estimated to drive an additional $30 billion in development.

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Significance of the investment

This investment in Vantage Data Centres reflects the rapid expansion and increasing importance of data infrastructure in supporting the global shift towards cloud computing and AI technologies. The significant capital infusion, led by major players like DigitalBridge and Silver Lake, underscores the confidence in Vantage’s ability to meet the escalating demand for data services. As data consumption continues to soar, driven by factors like remote work, digital transformation, and emerging technologies, investments in data infrastructure become crucial. Vantage’s focus on energy-efficient and sustainable designs aligns with broader industry trends towards environmental responsibility. Moreover, the partnership with leading investors not only provides financial support but also strategic guidance, positioning Vantage for continued success in the competitive digital infrastructure market. This news highlights the pivotal role of data Centres in enabling the digital economy and underscores the ongoing race among industry players to expand and innovate to meet evolving market demands.


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