Juniper adds AI-native advancements for networking solutions

  • Juniper Networks is revamping its partner program to focus on AI and managed networking services, aiming to leverage rapid AI advancements for profitable solutions delivery.
  • The updated Juniper Partner Advantage Program is designed to enable partners to utilise AIOps for new managed networking service opportunities, enhancing customer experiences.
  • The forthcoming acquisition of Juniper by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, valued at $14 billion, is expected to intensify competition with Cisco and bolster AI-native networking, marking a strategic growth and disruption opportunity in the market.

Juniper Networks, the US networking products manufacturer, is transforming its renowned partner program, placing a spotlight on AI and managed network services.

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Juniper has unique position in offering native AI solutions

Gordon Mackintosh, the company’s global channel leader, highlighted the rapid expansion of AI technology, noting Juniper’s aggressive stance on its adoption. He emphasised the company’s unique position in offering native AI solutions, aiming to extend these benefits to partners, enabling them to deliver AI-driven networking solutions more profitably.

The refreshed Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA) Program aims to equip partners with the tools to leverage AIOps, offering new revenue streams through managed networking services and ensuring a consistent, quality-first networking experience for customers.

Juniper’s channel-driven business has seen significant growth

Juniper’s channel-driven business has seen significant growth over the past year, contributing to the company’s overall expansion. Mackintosh reported a 33% increase in partner-initiated sales in 2023, with partner deal registrations doubling in the last three years.

Juniper is set to further disrupt the market with its comprehensive AI integration across its portfolio, including Wi-Fi, switching, and data centres, meeting the growing demand for AI and generative AI capabilities among partners’ clientele.

The impending acquisition of Juniper by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, valued at $14 billion, is poised to heighten competition with Cisco and amplify HPE’s focus on AI-native networking. The merger, expected to finalise by the end of 2024 or early 2025, is anticipated to be a strategic move for growth and disruption in the market.

Mackintosh views the acquisition as a major opportunity for growth, enhancing Juniper’s technological reach and solutions, generating excitement among partners, and elevating Juniper’s market presence.


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