Apple will allow users to uninstall Safari in the EU

  • Apple plans to allow EU iPhone users to uninstall Safari by late 2024 and is developing a user-friendly data transfer method for non-Apple smartphones by fall 2025.
  • These moves are part of compliance measures with the EU’s Digital Markets Act.
  • The company aims to offer a browser switching solution and may adjust default map app settings for EU iOS systems by March 2025.

On March 8, Apple recently released a compliance report indicating plans to allow iPhone users in the EU to uninstall the pre-installed Safari browser by the end of 2024. Concurrently, Apple is developing a more user-friendly data transfer method, expected to launch by fall 2025, enabling users to easily transfer data from iPhone to non-Apple smartphones.

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This is Apple’s compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act

The compliance report outlines measures Apple is taking to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which comes into effect this week. It mentions Apple’s plans for a ‘browser switching solution’ to be rolled out between late 2024 and early 2025, allowing users to share data between different browsers on the same device. Additionally, Apple is considering changing default map app settings for iOS systems in the EU market by March 2025.

Apple has not explicitly stated if these updates will be global or limited to EU users only. Previously, Apple announced several measures complying with the Digital Markets Act, including support for non-WebKit browser engines and allowing third-party app stores, but these are only implemented in the EU.

In the latest compliance report, Apple describes the phone data migration feature as aiming to ‘create a more user-friendly solution for mobile OS providers to transfer data from iPhone to non-Apple smartphones.’ Apple says this plan will be based on existing data migration tools from other companies.

Google has launched an iOS app called ‘Switch to Android’

Google has already launched an iOS app called ‘Switch to Android,’ supporting the transfer of contacts, photos and videos, free apps, texts, and notes. However, Google’s related support documents emphasise that this service cannot transfer paid apps, Safari bookmarks, alarms, and other miscellaneous files. It is speculated that Apple’s new solution may address some of these limitations.


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