HP Rolls Out a High Performance Foldable PC: The Spectre

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HP Inc. has once again showcased its prowess in tech innovation with the introduction of the HP Spectre Foldable PC. This 3-in-1 device seamlessly combines the functionalities of a laptop, tablet, and desktop into a single, elegant package. We could be looking into the future of computing.

Jaw-Dropping Price Tag

The HP Spectre Foldable PC meets the evolving needs of modern users who crave versatility beyond the conventional laptop. But there’s a catch: its initial price tag sails high at $5,000. HP demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology– although this one comes with a hefty price.

At its core, this laptop effortlessly transforms into three distinctive modes: a 17-inch tablet, a laptop, or a desktop PC. When unfolded, it reveals an OLED screen boasting a 1,920×2,560 resolution, DisplayHDR True Black 500, and IMAX Enhanced certification. Furthermore, HP enhances the package by including a stylus and keyboard, a detail often overlooked by competitors.

Ingenious Design

Depending on the user’s needs, the Spectre Foldable PC can function as a 12-inch clamshell laptop or mimic the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo, offering a split-screen experience. The addition of magnetic inductive charging for the stylus and keyboard enhances convenience and adds a touch of magic to the device. When closed, the Spectre Fold automatically enters sleep mode.

HP’s meticulous engineering extends to the battery. The power source is divided into two segments along the display’s edges to provide better balance during tablet use. Due to its slim profile and unique folding mechanism, the device is Wi-Fi-only. Moreover, there is a small gap when folded. Despite not being exceptionally thin, it outperforms many competitors in its category in terms of thickness.

Performance and Features

The Spectre Foldable PC not only relies on its innovative design but also delivers impressive performance. It might be the world’s first foldable PC with integrated AI. The AI offers features like walk-away lock, privacy alerts, and touch-free content control. Equipped with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor and Intel Iris Xe Graphics, it can power through some demanding workload. The device also boasts remarkable battery life, offering up to 12 hours in laptop mode and 11 hours in desktop mode.

Sustainability at Its Core

HP’s commitment to sustainability shines through in the Spectre Foldable PC. It incorporates eco-friendly materials, featuring up to 90% post-industrial recycled metal in its construction. Even the packaging aligns with HP’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

Availability and Pricing

The HP Spectre Foldable PC is now available for pre-order in the United States, starting from September 14, 2023, on BestBuy.com. Limited quantities are expected to ship in October. The starting price for the laptop is $4,999.99. Select Best Buy locations will carry it. Availability in other countries is slated for later this fall.


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