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Top tech stories today: January 31, 2024


Peugeot integrates ChatGPT, Replika’s AI therapy app, Global X withdraws bitcoin ETF, Apple may see iPhone decline.

Cassie Gong / January 31, 2024

Alphabet’s disappointing Q4 ad revenue sparks a slide in shares

Alphabet’s robust year-end was overshadowed by Q4 ad revenue below expectations. CEO notes future focuses on AI, competing with ChatGPT-4.

Sylvia Shen / January 31, 2024

ChatGPT adds access to other GPTs using ‘@’

OpenAI is encouraging the use of GPTs in third-party apps by allowing users to bring them into any conversation.

Fei wang / January 31, 2024
WechatIMG5496 Blockchain

$674M crypto recovered of $2.6B stolen

PeckShield’s 2023 report signals a significant milestone with over $674 million in recovered crypto, with cyber theft decreased 27.78%.

Sylvia Shen / January 30, 2024

Italy becomes first country to ban ChatGPT citing privacy rules

OpenAI’s ChatGPT violated privacy and age protection regulations, according to the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Sissi He / January 30, 2024