5 interesting B2B fintech startups worth watching

  • “Business-to-Business fintech,” or B2B fintech, describes the use of technology to provide financial services and products that are specially intended for businesses. 
  • Under the growth of B2B fintech, B2B fintech startups emerge in large numbers. The potential startups are Creative Juice, Tickertape, Debbie, Zolve, Capchase, etc., according to the list of 51 best Ffntech startups 2024. 
  • The B2B fintech industry is changing quickly; new trends and technologies appear almost every day. 

B2B fintech, or Business-to-Business fintech, refers to the application of technology to deliver financial products and services specifically designed for businesses. It encompasses a wide range of innovative technological solutions aimed at optimising financial processes, improving efficiency, and driving growth in the business world. Every year, new startups pull to the forefront of their industry through exciting innovation and industry-disrupting business models. In this article, we’ve introduced 5 B2B fintech startups with potential.

5 B2B fintech startups

1. Creative Juice

Established in 2021 by Gregor Watson, Ian McDaniel, and Sima Gandhi, Creative Juice is a financial technology startup that has secured a Series A funding round of $20 million. With investors such as Acrew Capital and Concrete Rose Capital backing them, the company is positioned to revolutionise financial management for the new generation of content creators. By consolidating funds from various social media platforms into one accessible space, Creative Juice streamlines the financial lives of these modern professionals.

2. Tickertape

Also founded in 2021, Tickertape is the brainchild of Ujjwal Ankur and has its roots in Bangalore, India. With a seed funding round of $4.4 million led by investors like Smallcase, Tickertape is a financial technology platform that provides comprehensive financial data and insights. The startup focuses on stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other investment vehicles within the Indian market, thereby enhancing users’ ability to make informed investment decisions.

3. Debbie

Debbie, founded by Frida Leibowitz and Rachel Lauren, emerged in 2021 with a mission to transform debt repayment into a rewarding experience. With seed funding amounting to $1.2 million from investors such as Liquid 2 Ventures and TA Ventures, Debbie offers a unique debt freedom plan. The platform allows users to track their credit card spending, visualise their debt repayment journey, and engage with weekly challenges that come with cash rewards for completion.

4. Zolve

Founded by Raghunandan G in 2020, Zolve is a Bangalore-based fintech startup that has raised a substantial debt financing round of $155.1 million. With support from investors like Accel, Tiger Global Management, and Lightspeed India Partners, Zolve is dedicated to providing financial services to non-US citizens living in the United States. The platform offers a range of services from opening a US checking account to securing auto loans, catering to the financial needs of the international community.

5. Capchase

Capchase, founded in 2020 by Ignacio Moreno Pubul, Luis Basagoiti Marqués, Miguel Fernandez, and Przemek Gotfryd, is headquartered in New York, New York. The company has raised an impressive $949.6 million in funding, backed by investors such as Caffeinated Capital and Bling Capital. Capchase is known for its innovative approach to providing non-dilutive capital to startups through recurring revenue financing. This enables high-growth companies to secure the necessary funds without giving up equity, allowing founders to maintain control over their fundraising timeline and scale their businesses more effectively.

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The technology impacting the future of business

The world of B2B fintech is rapidly evolving, with new technologies and trends emerging on a nearly daily basis. At the moment, there are several key trends and strategic considerations that are driving future innovations in this sector. For one, many B2B fintech companies are starting to explore the potential of smart contracts and other types of blockchain technology. These tools promise to streamline transactions and reduce costs for businesses, while also helping to create more secure environments for doing business. Additionally, many B2B fintech firms are focusing their efforts on developing machine learning capabilities and optimising their algorithms for better results. 

The future of B2B fintech will be rich with innovation and opportunity, as firms continue to leverage emerging technologies to improve efficiency and drive growth. The increasing population and the growth in technology seem to be the driving forces that will lead fintech to greater heights in the business world. 

B2B finetech startups emerge every day with cutting-edge technology that transforms the financial landscape. Their online platforms solve every consumer pain point, crafting digital solutions to increase financial inclusion and accessibility for consumers and businesses alike. 


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