Apple Launches iPadOS 17 in Line with Fall Tradition

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Tech enthusiasts eagerly await Apple’s autumn tradition – the release of its latest iPad operating system, iPadOS 17. This update promises to redefine the iPad experience for users in the UK and beyond.

Release Date and Availability

On September 18, 2023, Apple treated enthusiasts in the UK to the release of iPadOS 17. The official announcement came during Apple’s “Wonderlust” iPhone event on September 12, alongside the introduction of the new iPhone generation.

Getting Your Hands on iPadOS 17

If you own a compatible iPad model, you can follow these steps to upgrade your OS: “Settings,” “General,” “Software Update.” If your iPad supports it, iPadOS 17 will be ready for download and installation with just a few clicks.

Supported Devices

Apple is now including even older iPad models in the latest release. Users can enjoy the benefits of iPadOS 17 with these eligible iPad models:

iPad Pro (2nd generation or newer) iPad Air (3rd generation or newer) iPad (6th generation or newer) iPad mini (5th generation or newer) What’s New in iPadOS 17

New Features to Look Forward To

iPadOS 17 brings a slew of exciting features and improvements to enhance the user experience. Some of these are also available on the iPhone with iOS 17. Let’s have a quick look into what’s new:

Widgets on the Lock Screen: You can now personalize your Lock Screen with widgets for quick access to weather, time, date, battery status, and upcoming calendar events.

Profiles in Safari: Maintain separate profiles for work and personal browsing, gaining better control over your online activities.

Sticker Box: A central hub for Live Stickers and Memojis synchronized via iCloud, ensuring accessibility across all Apple devices.

Health App on iPad: A redesigned Health App optimized for larger iPad displays, offering an in-depth view of health data and the ability to set medication reminders.

Automatic Form Filling for PDFs and Notes: Enhanced form-filling capabilities expedite PDF completion and note organization.

Improved Keyboard Autocorrection: Enhancements to the autocorrection function include temporary underlining of corrected words for easy reference.

Freeform Drawing Tools: New drawing tools include a watercolor brush, calligraphy pen, highlighter, variable-width pen, and a ruler for creative endeavors.

Stage Manager: Enhanced window management allows users to customize their workspace to their preferences.

Communication Security: Additional security measures include the ability to blur sensitive photos and videos, enhancing privacy and protection against advanced cyberattacks.

Sharing AirTag and “Where is?” Network Accessories: Collaborative tracking and location-sharing for AirTag and network accessories with up to five users.

The iPad experience will be much flashier and secure thanks to these new features and improvements. Whether you aim to boost productivity, creativity, or security, this update has something for everyone.


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