Tesla approved for autonomous driving tests in Shanghai

  • Shanghai approves Tesla for advanced autonomous driving tests, involving 10 vehicles.
  • Tesla aims to expand Full Self-Driving software capabilities in competitive Chinese market, amidst plans for local registration and new energy storage facility construction in Shanghai.

This move signals Tesla’s progress in introducing its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software in China, where it has been offering limited features for four years.

–Sissy Li, BTW reporter.

What happened?

Shanghai authorities have approved Tesla to conduct tests of its most advanced autonomous driving software, allowing 10 Tesla vehicles to participate locally. The tests aim to enhance Tesla’s competitiveness in China’s auto market, intensifying competition over affordable driver assistance features. Earlier discussions by CEO Elon Musk in Beijing hinted at plans for FSD rollout, with Tesla reportedly preparing for registration with Chinese authorities. Additionally, Tesla’s new factory in Shanghai for Megapack energy storage batteries underscores its commitment to investing in China’s energy sector.

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Why it is important?


Tesla has made a lot of preparations to introduce FSD to China.In 2021, Tesla set up a data centre in Shanghai. All data generated by its Chinese business, including production data, sales data, service data and charging data, are completely stored in China to meet regulatory requirements. Tesla also established an FSD operation team and data labeling team in Shanghai, and sent engineers from the headquarters for training.

Strategic significance

The introduction of FSD in Shanghai is of great significance to Tesla’s further opening up of the Chinese market.It showcases Tesla’s progress in developing and refining autonomous driving technology, potentially paving the way for safer and more efficient vehicles in the future.And it positions Tesla to compete more effectively with local rivals in China’s lucrative automotive market, particularly in the realm of driver assistance and autonomous features, which are increasingly sought after by consumers. This move could intensify competition and drive innovation in the industry.


Sissy Li

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