Taqtile introduces Manifest for DigiLens ARGO smartglasses

  • ARGO’s hand-tracking capabilities are being combined with Taqtile’s spatial computing technology
  • ARGO’s hand-tracking capabilities have been custom mad for Manifest and its defence and industry sector customers.

Manifest’s comprehensive feature set provides businesses with the complete tools they need to manage and scale work orders. This is especially important for deskless employees, who often need to perform complex maintenance work in a variety of environments that may require real-time data access and operational guidance. Through a combination of AR and spatial computing, Manifest not only simplifies the execution of these tasks, but also ensures that employees can perform tasks accurately and consistently, whether in an on-site or remote work environment.

–Revel Cheng, BTW reporter

Taqtile is soon to release its work-instruction platform “Manifest”, which can be accessed via ARGO smartglasses.

What happened

By combining ARGO’s hand-tracking capabilities with Taqtile’s spatial computing technology contained within Manifest, creates a “robust” solution for deskless workers around the world.

Hand tracking harnesses the power of spatial computing, enabling Manifest’s industry and defence users to control the user interface with specific gestures.

Manifest’s comprehensive feature set gives businesses the tools they need to manage and scale work-instructions more effectively, allowing deskless workers to carry out complex maintenance work with accuracy and consistency.

Manifest can also help with complex task by allowing access to real-time remote assistance from knowledge experts that can then guide deskless users using spatially anchored content within the AR environment.

Dirck Schou, CEO at Taqtile, shared his view on what ARGO is achieving within the AR space right now: “ARGO is pushing the industry forward in critical ways with its combination of integrated hand tracking in a compact, wearable package.”

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Why it’s important

Nima Shams, GM and VP, Product Business Unit at DigiLens, believes  Manifest will have a major impact on the sale of its smartglasses: “With the porting of high-value applications like Manifest, we expect demand for ARGO to skyrocket. That’s why we’re mass producing our smartglasses in quantities capable of meeting the market’s pent-up demand.”

Taqtile asserts that Manifest is the perfect fit for DigiLens, adding the latest augmented reality technology to enhance operational workflows, assisting workers with maintaining documents, operational procedures, step by step instructions, and analysis of job performance and history.

This integrated solution demonstrates how technological innovation can bring real value to the modern workplace, improving productivity and operational efficiency, while also providing businesses with more powerful workflow management tools. Users can interact with the interface more intuitively and efficiently, improving work efficiency and operational accuracy. It further promotes the application of digital transformation in enterprise operations.


Revel Cheng

Revel Cheng is an intern news reporter at Blue Tech Wave specialising in Fintech and Blockchain. She graduated from Nanning Normal University. Send tips to r.cheng@btw.media.

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