Microsoft to provide Apple devices to employees in China

  • The reason for Microsoft’s switch to iOS devices is the lack of availability of the Google Play Store in China.
  • By choosing iOS devices, Microsoft is able to secure employee data in China, demonstrating its flexibility in global operations.

Microsoft has come under increased scrutiny following a series of security breaches, most recently when Russian hackers snoop on and access the emails of the company’s employees and customers earlier this year. It can be seen that the protection of employee data privacy security is very important and urgent.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Microsoft will provide its employees in China with devices based on Apple‘s iOS system to access authentication apps, citing the absence of Google’s Android service in the country, a company spokesman says on Monday.

The Windows operating system maker instructs its employees in China to start using Apple devices in the workplace in September, Bloomberg reports, citing an internal memo.

Microsoft’s move to iOS devices as part of its Secure Future Initiative stems from the lack of availability of the Google Play store in China. This restricts Microsoft employees from using security applications such as Microsoft Authenticator and Identity Pass.

The company will offer iPhone 15 models to employees across China, including Hong Kong, who currently use Android phones.

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Why it’s important

Microsoft is one of the U.S. companies with a strong presence in China, having entered the market in 1992 and maintains a large research and development centre in the country.

Microsoft’s decision to provide iOS devices to its employees in China is not only a technical adjustment, but also the result of the company’s globalisation strategy and careful consideration of the needs of the local market, reflecting the complexity and diversity of its global operations.

Part of Microsoft’s global Security future plan is to ensure that employees have secure access to the company’s secure applications, and through its actions, it has demonstrated that it is focused on protecting employees’ data privacy while driving its own growth.

As a global technology giant, Microsoft is faced with specific market conditions and laws and regulations in China, and choosing to provide devices based on Apple’s iOS system shows Microsoft’s ability to flexibly respond to regional challenges in its global operations.


Zora Lin

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