Elon Musk mulls ‘X Phone’ with Samsung in overt challenge to Apple’s iPhone

  • Elon Musk hints at potential collaboration with Samsung for an ‘X Phone’.
  • Criticises Apple’s partnership with OpenAI as a security risk.
  • Threatens to ban Apple devices at Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink.

Elon Musk’s stance against Apple’s alliance with OpenAI is not just about competition but also about safeguarding user privacy and maintaining technological integrity. His proposed collaboration with Samsung for an ‘X Phone’ reflects a proactive approach to offering consumers an alternative that prioritises security and autonomy. As someone deeply involved in AI development through ventures like xAI, Musk’s critique resonates with concerns about corporate responsibility and the ethical implications of AI advancements.
Dudu, BTW Reporter

Elon Musk has stirred the tech world with hints of collaborating with Samsung to launch an ‘X Phone’, aimed at challenging Apple‘s dominance in the smartphone market. His comments come amidst escalating criticism of Apple’s partnership with OpenAI, citing serious security concerns.

Musk’s vision for an ‘X Phone’

Elon Musk has sparked speculation about a possible collaboration with Samsung to introduce an ‘X Phone’, aimed squarely at competing with Apple’s iPhone. Musk’s comments, made in response to queries about a partnership with Samsung, suggest a strategic move to leverage Samsung’s manufacturing capabilities and potentially introduce a new player in the smartphone market.

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A clash over AI security

Musk’s criticism stems from Apple’s recent integration plans with OpenAI, which Musk has vehemently opposed, citing security concerns. He has labelled Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI as a significant breach of user security, questioning Apple’s ability to protect user data once it’s handed over to OpenAI. This stance underscores Musk’s stringent views on data privacy and security in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Opinion: Shaping the future of technology

Elon Musk’s potential partnership with Samsung to develop an ‘X Phone’ underscores a pivotal moment in the tech industry’s evolution. It highlights the growing importance of privacy and security in technological innovation, as well as the competitive dynamics between industry giants. Musk’s outspoken stance not only challenges conventional norms but also sets a precedent for ethical AI practices and consumer-centric technology development.


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