Copilot cost: Is it worth the investment?

  • Copilot pricing starts at $10 (€9.20) per month.
  • Varied pricing plans to suit different needs.

If you’re considering integrating GitHub Copilot into your development workflow, understanding the cost is crucial. GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered code completion tool, has gained popularity for its ability to boost productivity and streamline coding tasks. But how much does it cost, and is it worth the investment?

1. How much does Copilot cost?

GitHub Copilot offers a few pricing plans to cater to individual developers and teams:

Individual Plan: For personal use, GitHub Copilot costs $10 (€9.20) per month or $100 (€92) per year. This plan is ideal for solo developers who want to enhance their coding efficiency.

Business Plan: For organisations, Copilot offers a business plan at $19 (€17.50) per user per month. This plan includes additional features such as advanced security and compliance controls, making it suitable for teams and larger enterprises.

Free Plan: Students and verified open-source maintainers can access GitHub Copilot for free. This initiative supports education and the development of open-source projects by providing powerful coding assistance at no cost.

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Additional information

What does Copilot offer?

GitHub Copilot leverages OpenAI’s Codex to suggest code snippets and entire functions as you type. It supports various programming languages and integrates seamlessly with popular code editors like Visual Studio Code. By reducing the need for repetitive coding tasks, Copilot allows developers to focus on more complex and creative aspects of their projects.

Pros and cons of Copilot


  • Increased productivity: Automates mundane coding tasks, allowing developers to write code faster.
  • Learning tool: Helps new programmers by suggesting best practices and standard coding patterns.
  • Versatility: Supports multiple programming languages and integrates with popular development environments.


  • Cost: The monthly subscription may be a barrier for hobbyists or small developers.
  • Dependency: Over-reliance on AI-generated code could hinder skill development and understanding.
  • Accuracy: While often helpful, the suggestions are not always perfect and require careful review.

Is it worth it?

Many developers find that the time saved and productivity gains provided by Copilot justify the cost. For example, a solo developer working on multiple projects might see significant benefits from the streamlined workflow. Similarly, businesses can leverage Copilot to improve team efficiency and code quality, ultimately leading to faster project completions and reduced costs.


GitHub Copilot’s pricing plans, starting at $10 (€9.20) per month for individuals and $19 (€17.50) per user per month for businesses, offer a range of options to suit different needs. The value it brings in terms of productivity and learning support can make it a worthwhile investment for many developers and organisations.

Reflecting on the potential of Copilot, it’s evident that this tool can be a game-changer for the coding community. The ability to focus more on creative problem-solving and less on repetitive tasks is invaluable. The blend of AI assistance and human ingenuity opens up new possibilities, making the investment in Copilot feel like a step towards the future of programming.


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