Automotive computer chip maker NXP launches new platform S32 CoreRide

  • The world’s largest maker of automotive computer chips NXP Semiconductors said it has launched a new platform S32 CoreRide.
  • This platform aims to simplify and speed up software development for customers.
  • The platform integrates software from partner companies and a new product line of NXP’s advanced chips, enriching the development of electronics for automobiles.

The automotive computer chips maker company NXP Semiconductors said on Thursday it simplifies and accelerates software development for customers with the introduction of a new platform, enriching the development of electronics for automobiles.

About the new platform S32 CoreRide

The platform S32 CoreRide integrates software from partner companies and NXP’s new line of advanced chips, making it possible to standardise software development for the growing number of electronic systems used in cars.

These products are designed to address today’s and tomorrow’s connectivity, information security, and functional safety challenges, and S32 Design Studio is part of the overall solution, supported by underlying drivers and an ecosystem of partnerships.

The new platform is used for power management, data processing, and networking throughout the vehicle. It will not be used for advanced driver assistance systems or home screen displays.

According to Henri Ardevol, general manager of automotive at NXP, “Our role is very much to stay in the background.”

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Partners in this platform

Software partners on the new platform include leading global specialists, including Accenture, ArcherMind, Elektrobit, ETAS, Green Hills Software, Sonatus, Synopsys, Tech Auto, Vector Informatik GmbH, and Wind River.

The platform’s ability to isolate different automotive functions helps ensure that applications do not interfere with each other and can dynamically reallocate resources to ensure that applications do not degrade over time.

The S32 CoreRide platform helps automakers move to the next level on the development path.


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