Microsoft secures landmark carbon capture deal with 1PointFive

  • Microsoft will buy 500,000 metric tonnes of carbon removal credits from 1PointFive over six years, the biggest single DAC deal.
  • The agreement aids Microsoft’s aim to be carbon-negative by 2030, with captured CO2 stored securely, and not used for oil and gas.

The collaboration between Microsoft and 1PointFive propels the carbon capture, utilisation, and sequestration (CCUS) industry forward. For Microsoft, this enhances its reputation as a forward-thinking and environmentally responsible company, positively impacting its brand and customer loyalty.

–Jennifer YU, BTW reporter

What happened

1PointFive, a carbon capture and sequestration company, has agreed with Microsoft to sell 500,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) credits over six years. This represents the largest single purchase of CDR credits through Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

The credits will come from 1PointFive’s STRATOS facility in Texas. Under the deal, Microsoft, aiming to be carbon-negative by 2030, will store the captured CO2 in subsurface saline formations, avoiding use in oil and gas production.

“This landmark agreement demonstrates Microsoft’s leadership in carbon removal,” said Michael Avery, President of 1PointFive.

“Partnerships like this are essential for achieving our carbon-negative goals,” added Brian Marrs, Microsoft’s Senior Director for Carbon Removal and Energy.

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Why it’s important

The agreement represents the largest single purchase of carbon removal credits using Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, highlighting the growing acceptance and scalability of this innovative climate solution.

By securely storing the captured carbon dioxide, the partnership ensures that the CO2 will not contribute to further fossil fuel production, directly addressing climate change and promoting long-term environmental sustainability.

Besides, this deal supports the construction and operation of STRATOS, 1PointFive’s first industrial-scale DAC facility in Texas, fostering technological innovation and creating potential economic benefits through new job opportunities and industry growth.


Jennifer Yu

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