Elon Musk faces sexual harassment allegations

  • Former SpaceX employees file lawsuit against Elon Musk, accusing him of sexual harassment during their tenure.
  • Allegations include offers of horses for sexual favours and coercive behaviour towards female staff.

These allegations against Elon Musk are deeply troubling, highlighting issues of power dynamics and workplace ethics. Musk’s denial and dismissive response via social media underscore the need for thorough investigation and accountability. Such behaviour, if proven true, tarnishes not only his reputation but also raises serious questions about corporate culture at SpaceX and beyond.
Dudu, BTW Reporter

Elon Musk faces sexual harassment allegations from former employees

Elon Musk faces serious allegations of sexual harassment from former SpaceX employees, detailing incidents where he allegedly offered a horse in exchange for sexual acts. The accusations, part of a lawsuit against Musk, shed light on disturbing encounters within the aerospace giant.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a flight attendant on a SpaceX flight reported Musk’s alleged proposition and subsequent reduction in her shifts after refusal. Musk vehemently denied these claims, labelling them as “utterly untrue” and even coined the scandal as “Elongate” on social media.

Despite Musk’s denial of having a flight attendant on his plane during the alleged incident, past records show his use of flight attendants in similar capacities. Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s president, defended Musk in an internal email, dismissing the allegations based on her two-decade-long professional association with him.

Further accusations surfaced from another woman who worked closely with Musk, claiming he repeatedly asked her to bear his children. Musk’s stance on population growth and the importance of high IQ individuals procreating has been widely documented, adding a controversial dimension to these claims.

Additionally, Shivon Zilis, an executive at Musk’s Neuralink BCI company, revealed Musk’s encouragement for her to have children, offering to be a sperm donor due to his admiration for her genetics. These revelations paint a complex picture of Musk’s personal and professional relationships.Amidst these controversies, a woman alleged a month-long relationship with Musk in 2014, which ended acrimoniously, leading to her departure from the company under confidentiality agreements.

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Opinion: A complex figure amidst allegations

The allegations against Elon Musk are deeply troubling, reflecting a pattern of behaviour that requires thorough investigation and accountability. As a figure of immense influence in technology and space exploration, Musk’s personal conduct raises serious ethical concerns.

While Musk denies the allegations, the frequency and consistency of accusations from multiple sources warrant serious consideration. As consumers and stakeholders in the technology industry, we must demand transparency and ethical leadership from those in positions of power.

Ultimately, these incidents underscore the imperative for robust corporate governance and policies that protect employees from harassment and misconduct. As we navigate the complexities of innovation and entrepreneurship, accountability remains paramount in fostering a safe and equitable workplace culture.


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