Google plans to announce its new Pixel phones on Aug. 13

  • Google’s upcoming Pixel 9 series mobile phones will greatly improve shooting performance and use comfort.
  • Pixel 8 has been praised for its fluency, Google needs to introduce products that meet users’ ever-evolving needs to stimulate purchase.

Google’s “Made by Google” events are usually held in Oct. in San Francisco. However, Google adjusts its launch strategy this year, announcing that 2024 “Made by Google” will be held on Aug. 13, and the venue of event is changed to Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters. Another notable change is that the event is usually announced closer to the date, while Google this time is a month and a half earlier. This may hint at Google’s ambition to set off a big wave in the AI field and render heat for the new release.

–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Google will showcase AI features at a special event on Aug. 13, along with updates to its Pixel devices and Android platform, according to an invitation shared online by tech blog Verge and tech reviewer Marques Brownlee . The event will be held at Google headquarters at 10 am Eastern Time on the same day, and will include a keynote speech and product experience.

Google typically releases new Pixel smartphones and watches in the fall. Earlier this month, rival Apple announces a series of new features based on generating artificial intelligence.

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Why it’s important

The Google Pixel 9 series includes three models: Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 XL. It will come with the device’s own assistant, Pixie, a more personalized Google Assistant capable of performing complex multimodal tasks. The phones will also be the first to benefit from major Android updates and pre-installed with the Android 15 operating system.

The Pixel 9 Standard edition will feature three cameras for the first time. The design and functionality of the camera have been improved to provide a better shooting experience and image quality.The Google Pixel 9 series has also improved in terms of battery life and charging speed, bringing a longer use experience and a faster charging process. The phone also uses a flat frame and rounded corners to enhance the comfort and overall beauty of the grip.

Google Pixel 8, released in October last year, is considered to be the world’s most fluent Android phone, and this year’s Pixel9 series has been upgraded again in terms of image performance and comfort, which may bring a new wave of replacement. Based on user needs, really consider for users, to meet the user’s higher equipment requirements is the fundamental reason for the popularity of electronic equipment.


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