ARX secures $10M to revolutionise European DefenceTech

  • ARX Robotics closes €9 million ($10 million) seed funding round, a record for European DefenceTech.
  • Modular GEREON unmanned ground vehicle series addresses critical gap in autonomous systems.
  • Funding to expand team and scale production capabilities in Europe.

Witnessing ARX’s recent initiative to safeguarding nation and its people fills me with genuine appreciation. It’s more than just a business venture; it’s a commitment, a testament to confidence in the future. I earnestly hope that their innovation will bring about greater security and peace to our world.
–Dudu, BTW Reporter

ARX Robotics has secured a groundbreaking €9 million ($10 million) in seed funding, marking a significant milestone in European DefenceTech. This investment underscores ARX’s mission to revolutionise autonomous unmanned systems, addressing critical gaps in Europe’s defence capabilities amidst evolving threats.

Filling the robotics gap

ARX Robotics, a pioneer in scalable robotic systems for defence and commercial applications, has successfully concluded a groundbreaking €9 million seed funding round, marking a significant milestone in European DefenceTech. With a mission to bridge the gap in Europe’s autonomous unmanned systems, ARX aims to bolster the capabilities of armed forces amidst rapidly evolving threats.

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A solution for the future

At the heart of ARX’s innovation lies the modular GEREON unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) series. These versatile vehicles are tailored for a range of defence scenarios, from live fire training to medical evacuation, offering a flexible and robust solution to support and safeguard troops in mission-critical operations.

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Empowering European defence

Marc Wietfeld, CEO and Co-Founder of ARX, underscores the urgency of enhancing armed forces’ capabilities through interconnected autonomous systems. He asserts the need for simplicity in manufacturing and deployability to ensure a critical mass of autonomous unmanned ground systems, thus contributing to European technological sovereignty.

Proven performance and versatility

Already adopted by several European armies, including Germany, Austria, and Ukraine, GEREON robots have demonstrated their prowess in enhancing situational awareness and operational efficiency. Their adaptability extends beyond defence, offering commercial and humanitarian benefits such as infrastructure surveillance and disaster relief.


The investment in ARX heralds a new era in European DefenceTech, offering a compelling solution to fill critical gaps in autonomous systems. As we navigate an increasingly complex security landscape, ARX’s innovative approach promises to strengthen our defence capabilities and contribute to a safer, more secure future.

ARX’s initiative both inspiring and necessary for security and technological advancement. By addressing the pressing need for autonomous unmanned systems, ARX not only enhances defence capabilities but also contributes to broader technological sovereignty. This investment marks a pivotal moment in European DefenceTech, with far-reaching implications for the future of warfare and beyond.


Doris Du

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