Top tech news stories today: June 25, 2024


1. President of Jump Crypto steps down

Kanav Kariya resigned as president of Jump Crypto amid a CFTC investigation and a history of significant challenges, including the Wormhole hack, the Terra ecosystem collapse, and concerns over FTX exposure. (Cointelegraph)

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2. Updated approach to IPv6 transfer requests

During RIPE 88, IPv6 stockpiling was addressed, leading to RIPE NCC prioritising policy enforcement for IPv6 allocation transfers. From June 17, 2024, parties must justify new allocation needs or demonstrate existing utilisation for transfer requests, ensuring compliance with RIPE policies. (RIPE NCC)

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3. Cyber attack compromised Indonesia data centre, ransom sought

Indonesia’s national data center was hacked, affecting over 200 government agencies since June 20. Hackers demand an $8 million ransom, which the government refuses to pay. Some services, like immigration, are restored. (APnews)

4. Foxconn to invest $383 mln in Vietnam circuit board plant, says state media

Foxconn Singapore has secured a US$383 million license to build a factory in Vietnam’s Bac Ninh province, producing 2.79 million printed circuit boards annually. With over US$3.2 billion invested in Vietnam, Foxconn’s new plant adds to its significant presence in the region, including 5G equipment production for Nokia. (The Straits Times)


5. Music labels sue AI companies Suno, Udio for US copyright infringement

Major record labels Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Records sued AI companies Suno and Udio for copyright infringement, alleging they used music recordings without permission to train AI systems. (CNBC)

6. Apple, Meta not in talks currently for AI partnership, Bloomberg News reports

Apple and Meta are not currently in talks for an AI partnership, Bloomberg News reported. Apple rejected Meta’s proposal to integrate its Llama chatbot into iPhones due to privacy concerns. (Bloomberg)

7. China’s ByteDance working with Broadcom to develop advanced AI chip

Chinese tech firm ByteDance is collaborating with U.S. chipmaker Broadcom to develop a 5-nanometer AI processor, complying with U.S. export restrictions. ByteDance has been buying AI-related chips from Broadcom for over two years. (Yahoo!Finance)

8. OpenAI buys a remote collaboration platform

Days after acquiring Rockset, OpenAI purchased Multi, a video-first collaboration platform. The acqui-hire will see most of Multi’s five-member team join OpenAI, with Multi shutting down after July 24. (Tech Crunch)

9. Genesys International set to launch its AI-powered maps

Genesys International is launching five new products: AR Navigation, GPT AI Navigation, ADAS with ISA, an online marketplace, and Usage-Based Insurance. Genesys, a key player in India’s automotive map market, is poised to transform geospatial technology and support autonomous vehicle operations. (The Economic Times)

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10. EU goes after one of Apple’s ‘core businesses’, could fine tech giant 10% of global earnings

The European Union has issued a preliminary finding that Apple may be violating the Digital Markets Act (DMA) by restricting competitors and failing to allow proper app steering, a key requirement under the DMA. (Firstpost.)

11. AT&T wants Big Tech firms to pay into telecom and broadband subsidy fund

AT&T CEO John Stankey advocated for Big Tech firms to contribute to the Universal Service Fund, crucial for subsidising telecom and broadband access. With the fund reliant on fees from phone users, Stankey argued that internet giants benefiting from infrastructure should also support equitable access, amid ongoing Congressional debates on funding expansions. (Reuters)

12. Microsoft-G42 deal positive because it cut Huawei ties, White House official says

Microsoft’s $1.5 billion investment in G42 is praised by the White House for severing ties between the UAE-based firm and Huawei, aligning with U.S. security goals. The deal integrates Microsoft’s cloud for AI with security assurances. (Reuters)


13. 34 cybertrucks vandalised with ‘Fuck Elon’ graffiti in Florida

At least 34 Tesla Cybertrucks parked in an open lot in Florida were vandalised with spray-painted messages reading “Fuck Elon,” as captured in viral social media footage. (Gizmodo)


14. EcoFlow’s new solar generator is a portable powerhouse

EcoFlow has launched the Delta Pro 3, a versatile portable solar generator that scales from home backup to powering RVs and outdoor events. With expanded storage, powerful outputs up to 8000W, and compatibility with multiple charging methods including solar and EV chargers, it offers robust off-grid solutions. (The Verge)

15. Apple says no to PC emulators on iOS

Apple’s recent rejections of iDOS 3 and UTM SE highlight ongoing App Store guidelines controversies. Despite potentially easing rules for retro game emulators, Apple cited violations of guideline 4.7. Developers like Chaoji Li and UTM expressed frustration over unclear criteria. (The Verge)


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