Who is Raja Manickam? CEO of Nexsemi, semiconductor entrepreneur

  • Raja Manickam, a distinguished figure in the semiconductor realm, has left an indelible mark through his innovative contributions and strategic leadership.
  •  Raja Manickam’s story begins at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, where he earned a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. 

Raja Manickam, a distinguished figure in the semiconductor realm, has left an indelible mark through his innovative contributions and strategic leadership. 

A graduate of the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, Manickam’s career spans over three decades, encompassing roles in engineering, product management, sales, and marketing.

As the founder of Tessolve Semiconductor and later AJK NexSemi, Manickam has been pivotal in advancing semiconductor technology, driving industry growth, and fostering global partnerships. His journey from a young engineer to a pioneering entrepreneur is a testament to his vision and dedication to the field.

From IIT Kharagpur to Semiconductor Pioneer

Raja Manickam’s story begins at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, where he earned a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. With a passion for semiconductors, he embarked on a career that would span over three decades, marked by innovation and leadership.

Manickam’s early career saw him excel in various roles, from engineering to product line management, sales, and marketing. 

His extensive experience laid the groundwork for what would become a transformative journey in the semiconductor industry. 

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Tessolve Semiconductor

In 2004, he founded Tessolve Semiconductor, driven by a vision to provide comprehensive semiconductor engineering solutions.

Under Manickam’s leadership, Tessolve quickly rose to prominence. His strategic foresight and ability to navigate the complexities of the global market were pivotal in the company’s success. Tessolve became a leading provider of engineering solutions, offering services ranging from design and testing to product engineering and system-level integration.

Manickam’s influence extended beyond Tessolve. He played a critical role in shaping the semiconductor landscape, particularly in emerging markets. His efforts in driving innovation and fostering talent development have left an indelible mark on the industry.

Despite the challenges inherent in the fast-paced tech world, Manickam’s commitment to advancing semiconductor technology has never wavered. 

AJK NexSemi 

Recent news about Raja Manickam has focused on the development of AJK NexSemi. AJK NexSemi, founded and led by Raja Manickam, specialises in advanced semiconductor solutions, delivering innovative and scalable technology and software development services. 

The company has established robust global partnerships with over 100 companies and boasts a highly experienced team with over 100 years of combined expertise. 

NexSemi’s comprehensive services include semiconductor design, testing, product engineering, and system-level integration, ensuring a holistic approach to meeting the evolving demands of the tech landscape. 

Under Manickam’s strategic guidance, NexSemi has developed over 100 products and solved numerous technical challenges, positioning itself as a leader in the semiconductor sector and continuously driving technological advancements.

Industry involvement

In addition, Raja Manickam is likely to make a difference in other areas. For example, he may be a member of certain industry organisations or academic institutions and actively participate in industry exchanges and academic research. These events not only help him maintain a keen insight into the dynamics of the industry, but also provide him with the opportunity to network and learn from his peers.

Invested $5 million to launch fabless Indian chip company

Recently, Raja Manickam, the visionary founder of Tessolve, has launched iVP Semi, a fabless semiconductor startup dedicated to empowering Indian system companies with localised chip production.

The startup has successfully secured $5 million in pre-Series A funding, aimed at scaling operations, setting up testing facilities, and initiating robust marketing strategies. iVP Semi plans to establish state-of-the-art chip design centers in Chennai and Bangalore, and will license product IP from technological powerhouses like Taiwan, Japan, and the US, while maintaining an asset-lite model for internal chip and module testing.

In a strategic collaboration with the Tamil Nadu State Government, iVP Semi is set to inaugurate a 20,000 sq ft production test facility in Chennai by October 2024, with another facility planned for South India.

These centers will focus on discreet and power module testing, along with reliability and safety certification. Aiming for a revenue target of $70-100 million within the next 2-3 years, iVP Semi is poised to serve the local Renewables, EV, and Automotive industries, enhancing product development cycles and driving technological autonomy in India.

Raja Manickam’s success comes not only from personal efforts and talent, but also from a deep understanding of the industry and a keen insight into the market. As AJK NexSemi continues to grow, we have every reason to believe that Raja Manickam will achieve even more brilliant achievements in the future.


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