5 insights from Mark Lamb on revolutionising cybersecurity communication

  • Mark Lamb, the founder and CEO of HighGround.io, shares insights on The IT Business Podcast.
  • HighGround.io helps MSPs (Managed Service Providers) visually represent clients’ tech spend and cybersecurity posture.
  • The platform integrates with PSA tools and provides metrics like cyber scores and NIST framework mapping.

Mark Lamb, the founder and CEO of f HighGround.io, recently appeared on The IT Business Podcast to discuss his innovative platform designed for IT service providers. We’ve summarised five crucial insights from his 15-min discussion on improving cybersecurity communication.

1. HighGround.io’s unique approach to cybersecurity communication

HighGround.io stands out by offering MSPs a visually appealing way to communicate their clients’ technology spend, cybersecurity posture, and resilience. Mark Lamb emphasises that this approach simplifies complex information, making it easier for clients to understand where their money is being allocated and how secure their systems are.

2. Integrating with PSA tools for comprehensive data analysis

The platform seamlessly integrates with PSA tools such as ConnectWise Manage. By pulling in a client’s spend data, HighGround.io maps expenditures across various technology areas like support, cybersecurity, backup, Office 365, and connectivity. This integration allows MSPs to provide a detailed analysis of how funds are distributed and utilised, enhancing transparency and client trust.

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3. Metrics that matter: cyber score and resilience score

HighGround.io provides essential metrics, including the cyber score and resilience score, to gauge a client’s security posture. The cyber score offers a universal metric of security, while the resilience score assesses readiness to respond and recover from cyber-attacks. These metrics are mapped against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, providing a comprehensive view of strengths and weaknesses across different security domains.

4. Continuous client engagement in cybersecurity

Designed for ongoing use, HighGround.io helps MSPs maintain continuous cybersecurity discussions with clients. Mark highlights that cybersecurity is a continuous agenda item, requiring regular updates and reviews. The platform’s visual and metric-based approach facilitates holistic discussions, ensuring clients remain informed and engaged with their cybersecurity strategies.

5. Addressing the challenges of selling cybersecurity solutions

Mark’s experience as an MSP in Scotland revealed the difficulty of selling cybersecurity solutions due to clients’ lack of understanding. HighGround.io addresses this issue by simplifying the communication of cybersecurity needs, moving away from traditional, often overwhelming, risk assessments. This innovative approach helps MSPs convey the importance of robust cybersecurity measures more effectively.

HighGround.io aims to transform how MSPs communicate cybersecurity needs, focusing on clarity and ongoing client engagement. By addressing the complexities and enhancing understanding, Mark Lamb is paving the way for more effective cybersecurity solutions in the IT service industry.


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